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February 2018

Hello World

Travis Reynolds | General

1 min read

Welcome! The obligatory 'Hello World' post...

This is Cirrus Creative's brand new website. It is built on GatsbyJS, and is lightning fast. It scores 99/100 on Google Page speed (Ironically, the one thing stopping it getting 100/100 is because it is loading Google Analytics scripts...).

It also gets pretty good results across the board with Lighthouse - We are continuing to work to improve the site, so these scores should increase in future updates. You can test this yourself, if you are using Chrome. Simply hit Ctrl + Shift + i, and then select the 'Audits' tab. Then scroll down, and hit the blue 'Run Audits' button. Chrome will then run some tests on this website, and display the scores. (This can be used on any website - why not try it on yours, and compare?)

We will be going into more detail about how and why we rebuilt our site in later posts.

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